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Henry Asencio

Henry Asencio PhotoHenry Asencio Title

"I want people to feel what I am doing - not just see what I am painting." Henry Asencio

Henry Asencio artwork combines figurative drama with spontaneous abstract backgrounds. His signature use of color, form, and texture coalesce to reveal a contemporary dialogue between the material and the spiritual--the artist, his subject and his subconscious visions derived therein. Agitated by extreme texture and intentional use of color, Henry Asencio unravels an unspoken narrative replete with seemingly incongruent, yet harmonious ideals of quietude and fascinations of that which intensifies the moment.

Asencio's unique combination of color, texture, and exquisite form mirrors a state of awareness that serves to reveal his true intentions. Through caution and reserve the artist invites the viewer into this fictitious space in time to enjoy the splendor of the unknown.

Symbolic of the approach to his art, the mystique of the female form builds the structure of each new painting. Henry Asencio's use of color sets the mood and a fury of texture creates an urgency to elicit heart-felt emotion.

Abstraction of subconscious thought and reality entwine to tell the artist's story. Freedom from responsibility, protection from the negative forces that can hold one captive…escapism…for the artist and viewer it is the ultimate intention in his evocative work of art.

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